Snow Go, Moussaka Night, Salsa Club Solo!

The coming weekend ‘pop to England’ trip will not happen. I had been invited to HMS Exeter reunion by Shane (ex Royal Navy, Ex Police Officer, now Language teacher):Fly Friday morning into Bristol then a two hour drive to Exeter is his plan. After two nights of RN ‘dits’ the flight back would be a morning dash for the Sunday lunchtime flight back to the sun. The chances of travel going smooth – Terry ‘P’ is a member of the HMS Exeter Association and part of the reason going was to ambush him at the bar. His decision not to go just rubber stamped the option of missing an icy runway landing and black-iced roads.

Shane says he will update me on the success, or not, of the trip. Hopefully I’ll get a few pics from him.

An invite to the Davidson’s to enjoy Moussaka meant I would enjoy hot food and mid-week evening company. A cracking spread and Deryck gave the recipe to Prisci (I’m not confident I’ll be tasting an Ecuadorean version anytime soon as her focus was more on wine choice than culinary skills)

We all raised a glass to Priscilla’s work promotion. Not quite a month into her new job and a step up the ladder 🎉

The Wednesday effort at getting the ‘Search Radar’ mast rotating in the Military Museum took a rest. Stu had visitors at El Nido and was playing host/guide in Cartagena. Another week late won’t mind, the project plan is in Prince2 format 🤷🏻‍♂️

The end of short month Feb comes quickly with my rent due a few days earlier. Handy to be able to pay on my mobile as banking hours and waiting lines are inversely proportional here, and a big elec bill from Xmas/winter heating (surprising how 12 degs now feels cold after my blood and bones get used to +20 degs being the norm) needs clearing for my Landlords as they bask in Gran Canaria on their first 2018 break. Enjoy Anne & John 🥂🏖

A double session of Salsa again this week, with Monday night at the local college hall (the usual venue) and Wednesday night at a local Salsa bar. My dance partner had a late finish at work and missed the Monday lesson. It was one of the better sessions as our instructor Alice’s brother Roberto could give me some instructions in English and show the hombres moves.

Prisci is concentrating on her English studies. Both activities are Monday and Wednesday evenings, which leaves me torn between carrying on Salsa as a loner or watching football in the sports bar 🤔

An end-note is: Feedback from Sabine and Andrew was that they enjoyed the away-days I sat for. The short Sit was easy, 50 animals in little doses is not so bad. It was nice to see they relaxed in the Autocarravana (cute word the Spanish use)

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  1. Omg…just caught up with your blog…honestly wasn’t trying to electrocute my tennant while we sunned it in better climes!! Always nice to catch up on my party animal parents…bet Deryck was wowed by the gummy bears!😂 your blog really makes me laugh, keep up the good work! Anne x p.s. always wondered what the old folks did up the mountain…now I know…blood pressure parties!!😂🤣x

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