Party Pressure 🎈Between Opera’s

The Davidson’s made a surprise return home for a few nights, they were between Events and decided to break from the 10 day two city visits for a quiet weekend in the Rambla.

You have to show a clean pair of heels at ‘Aida’, and Margaret hadn’t minded working hard to keep standards high in Murcia

The next Opera was during a few nights in Cartagena. The Opera’s were part of a birthday treat, and continúas trip.

Deryck was hitting his 74th Birthday over the weekend, now it would be awful to miss marking the entry to the 75th year of this Ex-RAF officer and esteemed gentleman.

I left a card and bottle of Seagrams on his car door mirror after they had popped to the shop nearby my apartment Deryck just noticed it before getting in to drive off.

My call to Sabine, and chat to Stu, quickly set up a Sunday tea party with catering by Cliff👨🏼‍🍳

By good fortune (dropping Prisci home for her work and English studies meant I was last there) , so while all were in the house and a little unaware of the plan that never existed, I set up, lit the birthday candle and knocked Gummy bears, kit-kat sticks, tuna/cucumber butties, Cava 🥂, usual fare.

The following morning I found the cooked Apple Strudel in my oven and the ice-creams in my freezer, I try😅

The party singing was a little random, “Chattanooga Choo -Choo” to “MaggieMay”, but maybe another more unconventional facet of the evening was the round of Blood Pressure testing!Andrew had been training and was wearing a watch that monitored pulse rate and pressure, no match for Deryck’s ‘cuff monitor’, game on 🤹🏻‍♂️

Sabine explained from her qualified nursing point of view that scoring highest does not make you a winner, rubbish rules.

A ‘Naughties’ Party for 2019 was inspired by the evening. Candidates for being 30yrs old, 40, 50, 70 and 80 yrs young were identified. The missing 60 child needs finding, but the ‘Dress up’ in your era theme will be amazing, can’t wait👏🎉

The portable catering idea meant minimal cleaning up for the Davidson’s. The dish I used for my speciality Tuna/Salsa Cocktail sauce mix was picked clean, all the bread gone and chocolate eaten. The crate of Beer mostly gone and the ladies had made the effort to ensure the recycling centre had a fair few empty bottles of Cava to process.

Feliz cumpleaños Deryck 🎂

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