“Up On The Roof”🎼, Radar Rotates – at last!

Salsa was great fun on Monday night, new moves learnt and a post-dance supper with Prisci. I found my rhythm for nearly half the lesson.

The focus for the week now is to have the motor and controls ready to fit in the Radar shack for Wednesdays Museum work.

The newly jet-washed roof terrace ideal to chill, work and practice a few Salsa steps

A little improv on the end bearing casing from the old motor should hold, and using the dryer timer will make the Radar Antenna do a jig The wiring for a run-test isn’t pretty but then it’s only temporary Success!! The aerial rotates perfectly, and a bonus is the timer steps just as the drying cycles on any tumble work – it switches between clock-wise / anti-clock-wise / slow / fast / crease prevention slow tumble – therapeutic to watch this huge frame switch speed and direction.

New wiring loom, external power feed, remote sensor for switch on, lots for Stu and I to get stuck into now the motor works.

An old workmate in the USA had tried to see if their military library could help, we had worked together on a missile project and I had learnt a lot about whisky when we visited military sites in Scotland with little detours to nearby distilleries (Auchantoshan, Talisker and a few others) The pictures were part of my presentation at the US/UK conference which surprised Chairman Chris.

Chris was good to take time out of his busy schedule to check files, DoD work is high pressure,,,,,

The Wednesday chips and Cerveza at Vicky’s was almost celebratory with Stu. The reaction to the Radar Rotation success we had was really good. A 1956 price of kit looking operational for effect made all smile.

A follow up traditional Cerveza is now established on the Thursdays, another meet up in Pablo’s after my weekly mountain ride. Discussing next weeks Museum work, any excuse – guilty🤷🏻‍♂️🍺 –

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