I’m on “the Road to Rouen”

A little lie-in Sunday morning after the late last few miles yesterday. Then realised the clocks had changed, no lie-in, just a lost hour.

The car park had four motor homes hostage this morning. We all came in the same way through a normal parking sign separating us from lorries, and now find the parking area has a 3 metre high exit barrier. The smiling car drivers went under the arm, then parked up to watch one English man, a French Motorhome family, a German couple and two Spaniards discuss in four languages how to get out.

An international delegation of self-declared incompetent drivers went into the service station to talk to the staff, meanwhile I just turned around, got a driver to stop traffic and slipped and proceeded without fuss.

Today will be 300 miles in strong winds and around some road closures. The train will take the strain at midnight, Eurotunnel. Waiting for someone to sort the barrier and tut when they point to some badly positioned foreign language sign is not needed.

The first city to hit, Rouen, is a bottom left to exit top right route. Road closures on the maze of a map – interesting

Once clear of the bridges in the city over the Loire it should be nice scenery for lunch in Normandy

A view of a town called Bosrobert seduced me to its cafes, a great choice. Yesterday’s late breakfast was a MacDonalds, pardon.

The last stretches of road were not too interesting. A distant look at Boulogne and visit to Dunkirk (missed the museum opening time) which looked a little Amsterdam’ish on the road in where I parkedand onto an early Park-up for the midnight train I had booked. Kettle on and pan of chilli on the go – it’s been a pleasant drive, I’ll be sorry to hand the keys over to Karl tomorrow