All Aboard

The last few hours in France. An offer of an early train for £130 !! Declined, and then they called me forward for the early train anyway. And its a bonus arriving in Felixstowe before midnight, I’ll get round the M25 before a sleep, maybe I’ll make it to Wolverhampton?

The M20 empty…… The M25 empty…. Oxford services empty……. M6 empty….. cruise control at 60 all the way. If we put half the country on night shift it will solve the traffic problems.

I’m enjoying the trip, but missing my Spanglais Señora, Salsa classes and Sun.

The toll roads in France, more than Spain, have ramped up the travel cost. Two sections were €50 each. The breakdown costs show the difference of this route to a Santander Ferry route to be just in the tens of euro’s. The £440 ferry fare plus half the fuel cost for Spain are financially equal to driving all the way, but the driving option beats the ferry for time (depending on sea-state the cruise and relax with a beer needs serious consideration)

Adding euro’s to pounds – oops, real total is

The van delivered in perfect conditions, until I spilt a pan of cold water after driving from the lay-by I had slept in from four o clock in the morning. Breakfast wash up and food stowed was very sloppy – so in a five minute drive I made more mess than 72 hours crossing mountains ⛰

It was nice to see Karl and Trish, have a chat and be treated to a cracking Lasgne.

The local in Albright needed a visit, Karl insisted

and a pint or four of a 5% Abbots real ale, cheers Karl

The next leg of the journey is by train to Wolverhampton, National Express to Fareham vía London and then to start the Easter house sit for Anne and Gordon (Shadow, the Newfoundland, will be my walking mate for the week).

Adiós Karl, Trish, See you in Spain late April. Thanks for the journey opportunity, Hospitality, settling-up and looking after my onward travel cost – really appreciated.

Farewell Wolverhampton….