Sit Over, SleepOver, Slip and Proceed

Portsmouth housesit week was relaxing with Shadow. I didn’t have to say goodbye, he saw Anne and Gordon bring their cases into the hall and knew our time was done. Standing beside me in the kitchen as the farewell cuppa was brewing, he nuzzled against my leg then looked into my eyes for a while – see you mate 🐕

I stayed another night in Fareham, watching the European Quarter Final match at Terry’s. Mark Whittey joined us on the armchairs for a glass of red as we spent the night disagreeing every decision on the pitch 🤣

A quick breakfast and a short drive to Fareham Station, and I’m heading North West.

Bristol next stop, to meet Sammy (younger of my two daughters) and a day together before a night in Stourport Yacht Club. The train to Bristol is rammed. Standing passengers along the aisle stops a much needed toilet visit – the views don’t helpwater everywhere and then the canals before Bath – oh oh!

Bristol Templemeads station and a still dry seat Sammy’s little Citroen C3 is the transport for us to Wolverhampton after a really nice breakfast in Stroud Sam concentrated on the traffic while I was pot-hole spotting. Busiest passenger time I’ve ever spent. The roads between Portsmouth and London Gatwick were terrible, the state of them in the midlands were equally atrocious. Some nice countryside though.

Sam’s older sister sent us a picture of her boss in Washington DC working. Becky is policy advisor to a General and has been on a three week ‘live in the field’ camping exercise with the Army

Wolverhampton- We transferred my luggage into a car I would take back to Spain for Karl. More sightseeing, Eurotunnel fun, and I don’t have to shrink my baggage for the airport/flight. A new Golf GTI, I’ll really enjoy this 1,500 mile drive next week.

The overnight stay is at Sally and Martin’s home in Stourport-on-Severn. Meal and wine ready – next leg is to Wales and Liverpool

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