Chunnel Time, ‘Allo Allo’, Viva España and home 🏡

At 05:00 my body decided it may as well be heading South. Trying not to disturb Blakey and Kath, I rolled out of their drive and headed for a motorway breakfast. If I left early, took my time and arrived reasonably early at The Cannel Tunnel I might get an earlier train offered and make inroads to the 20hr drive once landed abroad.

Nothing really notable on the 6 hours to Folkestone, a stop at Ashford to browse the shopping that was really a leg stretching 30 mins was like strolling at Cheshire Oaks

Folkestone sea front and a little food shopping was next. Cute little beachfront and a relaxing coffee before getting into the Chunnel system

My 18:30 reservation was bumped to 17:10, good start.

In the train then and drive the first few hundred yards in this amazing vehicle

Half an hour later and it’s Calais followed by a reversal of my route last week in the Motorhome.

I dozed in the car for a few hours after keeping well to the plan. Sunday night miles on quiet roads went well.

The Tom-Tom reckoned 20 hour drive was completed in 26 hours. A sleep in the car for four hours and lots of 20 minute coffee breaks – easy in the VW Golf. Monday lunch stop was spent at the French/Spain border near San Sebastián

Arrival in Mazarrón was to be 21:45, in time for a meal with Prisci and catch-up on how well my Spanish had progressed on the intensive language course over ten days 😬

My recovery Tuesday treatment is a puzzle Joan passed me, then set up my old printer (rescued from the barn)

A smooth journey, costed at a shade over £400 for fuel, tolls and train, and back a day earlier than the flight I’d booked. New business (house sitter has run its course and only Nadine and Joan’s to do before I retire the title) maybe ‘’🚐