Wales and Wallasey

The VW Golf is a dream to drive. Automatic and a cruise system that is AAC – Active Cruise Control – keeps the traffic ahead at a safe distance while driving to your set speed. Fair bit of dashboard info and colour The car monitoring system flashed into life a few miles after leaving Stourport-on-Severn. Air pressure on the drivers rear tyre was low. Bugger, was it pot-hole damaged. It isn’t possible to miss all the hole, especially the rain filled ones.

A pit stop at a garage proved the system correct, quite a loss of air 25%. After blowing it back up I spent the journey to Wales checking it with a gauge I carry with me. £12 Billion and Fourteen Years needed to resolve the problems like this …..

The last owner must have inflated three of four tyres correctly and pressed “set” on the system with the fourth tyre low. Inflated correctly and “set” settled the problem and no more warnings for the 2000 miles.

I made Wales comfortably, where Joan, my cousin, made me lunch at her farm and I recovered a few bits I’d abandoned there. I have scattered belongings at Terry’s, Blakey’s and Joan’s during my time getting into house sitting and a nomadic life style.

Joan and Howard were getting their Motorhome ready for the weekend, leaving soon. Time to go and collect a bit more junk from Blakeys.

The plan at Blakeys was to catch a train to Gallaghers Pub at Rock Ferry and settle in for both derby matches (Everton/Liverpool and Manchester City/United).

Blakey asked did I miss England

At the pub we had a good choice of real ales and a matelot menu

Blakey’s youngest of his three sons joined us for a few scoops – Tom wears the family tea cosy in the cold

Tomorrow is the start of the drive to Puerto Mazarrón, I’m looking forward to it