Dolphins and Wings

As I acclimatise to being back in the sun and warmth in Puerto Mazarrón, enjoying another day in Cartagena Military Museum (Search Radar drive modifications for the Captain of the facility), my eldest daughter is cracking on with military experiences of her own.

The flying suit was a good fit for her during the Blackhawk helicopter tasks, but the battledress she had to wear for three weeks was a tad more than her normal size 8

Becky was involved in a Submarine project a little while ago. The people who go through submarine escape training (I’ve done that as part of work on HMS Astute – amazing training and undersea-going months), and go onto serve in the submarine service will earn their Dolphins.

The tradition is that they are placed in a tankard and covered with rum, you drink the rum and collect your Dolphins.

I should think the Blackhawk crews will have an alcoholic presentation routine that Becky won’t shirk to collect any ‘wings’ or ‘rotors’ badge up for grabs.

My time reconnecting in Spain is going well, with firstly the chips and Cerveza post-museum with Stu at a different venue. We missed Vicky’s cafe and had hand-cut chips and Cerveza at Margaret and Deryck. Lovely chips and good catch-up.

I popped into Valerie’s to say hello to her and brood. All electrics and lighting work i’d done in their absence is good, and they added a few new jobs for me. They all return to U.K. over the next week, they’re a fun bunch

The police were back !!! They still have my address for the guy they visited me about last month.

Speaking in fantastic Spanglais I think I’ve managed to get the Law court to sort out the address of the person they want ‘Urgent’, who the Gendarme still think is me.

If nothing posted in a week, please bring cake to the local jail 🙏🏼