Monday, Tuesday, then Cartagena day, then Murcia Day

Monday strolling along the paseo in Puerto was done in scorching weather. Shorts are the dress code now until November. Lots of folk were bimbling along the shoreline, taking lunch (still under £10 for the menu del día, I struggle with these four course lunches, great value). I was stopped three times, and asked while I was taking a coffee, what my shoes were. A Portuguese couple wanted to go the the shop immediately if I could tell them where to buy them. I am thinking of starting up ‘Cliffy’s Clogs’ out here, a sideline to the driving I do for Karl.

Monday night is Salsa Club night. Really nice to see everyone at the class. Great Spanish welcome and lots of smiles. At the 90 minute point the instruction stopped and Alice, with help of the others and phone translated, let me know ‘Cliff, do what steps you want’. I’m not sure if it was a new freestyle section of the lessons or they had give up trying to keep me in step?

I had my toolbox out Tuesday to sort out a swimming pool pump problem for David and Diane. Faulty isolated and pump bearing needing lubricating was just enough to keep me out of the sun for 2 hours.

The real fun days were coming…

Wednesday at the Military Museum, a drive past Stu’s to collect him as part of my care in the community duties, then into Cartagena. It was great to be there and crack on with the Radar with Stu, but we hit problems and are behind another week sadly. The chips and Cerveza at Vicky’s don’t go down as well when the day isn’t successful. But, we forced the liquid part of the lunch down and decided a new way forward next week.

The evening Salsa class had quite a few new steps in it, so I think we’re progressing as a class. I enjoyed every minute of the lessons, the music seems easier to roll to now.

Thursday morning was an early start to pick-up Valerie. She was flying from Murcia San Javier to U.K. Prisci had a reason to visit her Embassy in Murcia City, so we collected and dropped off Valerie at the airport on our way.

My first visit to Murcia City and it was tremendous. Prisci knows the city well from studying there. A tour and Ecuadorean food – a couth day.

Breakfast was to be fine dining on Prisci. The restaurant she led us to would be serving champagne and oystersWhile I was checking out the menu, Prisci pointed out the actual be using the other side of the canopystill nice 👍 the tortilla and coffee was welcome after our two hour trip from Puerto Mazarron.

The shopping was neat, lunch in a swanky restaurant and walks through parks A good city tram system that looks ultra modern whizzes folk around

We made a few museums, the Museo Salzillo was a special hour.

A walk in another park and coffee stop at a normal looking building became our second museum stopThey somehow pack a fantastic Bull Fighting exhibition into two stories that the building didn’t look like it had!

The evening plan was for an Ecuadorean meal near the Ecuador Embassy… but … all closed! Both restaurants shut at six. Back into the car (after a 22€ car park charge) and home to cafe Cliff for speciality burnt meals again.

Friday is a washing and make ready day for the weekend trip to Seville.

It is the April Fair last weekend in an already busy city. Everyone says how beautiful Seville is. So, preparations doneand watching the traffic below my balcony sort out another bump, I’m ready for the six hour drive Saturday …

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