Buenos Noches Seville, Back to Mazarrón pumps and Salsa

Four hours sleep after the drive back from Seville but after such a great weekend there is no tiredness.

The experience at the bullring leaves you thinking about the spectacle and atmosphere versus the brave but final destiny of the beast. I had a busy Monday to face, a lot of weekend washing, the car to wash and a swimming pool pump to remove and workout it’s problem.

The removal was straightforward

Then a strip down to see what the intermittent problem was. The pump runs for a while, then seizes, suggesting the motor is good electrically?

Strip down was difficult, as the threaded impeller was jammed. But I got there

The bearings at both ends are bad, but the impeller end had seized, with what looks like a little molten plastic in the bearings.

I’ll find a workshop to replace them tomorrow, as it’s Salsa Class this evening. Takes a while to clean-up and and get there in todays slightly lethargic state.