Always Something …..

A successful day in Cartagena at the museum, with the Search Radar aerial rotating (some fine tuning to do still though).

A little job awaits me, after the traditional Cerveza and chips on the way home.

Whose round is it ……

A few electrical trips yesterday, and after waking this morning to a blackout, I traced the cause to the boiler. Would it be a big problem?

Luke-warm shower was not a perfect day opener

After draining the tank I removed the heating element and thermostatThe tank was full of scale. It looked like the collections of a million kettle bottom bits.

The thermostat was thickly coated, and the sacrificial anode three times it’s original size and black from the water impurities.

The sacrificial anode is a lump of metal that protects the steel tank from corrosion by allowing its softer metal the be attacked. Replacing the anode every 3/4 yrs is apparently highly recommended – a fact I only found out on this task.

I scooped out the inside of the tank, with the hole just big enough to get a hand into the slimy scale.

The chances of finding a perfect size replacement heater element in quick time to get the water back on seemed short.

But :- The iron mongers that is just a 500 metre stroll away had a perfect replacement – happily surprised and able to crack-on. It is great when you get something back working, especially so if it involves water and electricity! No shocks, no leaks and quickly up to temperature for my shower – only 25€ spent. Just need to bag and dump the scale from the tank – half a shopping bag full of it