A week until a week in U.K. – Army v Navy At Twickers.

A little Thursday trip to the top of La Cuesta before a Cerveza at BuenaVista. Karl took his hi tech bike (assisted power) on the ride, while my old ‘tready’ made me work the 300 metre climb

Proof we made the Cuesta and a good phone signalThen freewheel the 10K down to the bar and catch-up with StuA decision made on the next Motorhome that Karl would buy for his collection in U.K. and I would take on my Rugby weekend. It will be on his website – motorhomedepot.com- for £29K.

I have booked the car ferry from Bilbao to Portsmouth. The ten hour drive straight up through the middle of Spain should be scenic. It’s a different route to the twelve routes I’ve used to Santander and Calais, first Bilbao sailing for me.

Spain is enjoying a public holiday on the coming Tuesday, maybe a fiesta to try before my trip begins on Wednesday, then ….. stand-by Army for a battering