Another Road Trip 🚐, and Sea day πŸ›³

The Motorhome keys are in my hands, this neat wagon with its satellite TV system will cruise the 550 miles to Bilbao and let me watch the Liverpool v Roma match en-route

Today will be a easy paced drive to the north of Madrid, six or seven hours, and overnight in a large town (in case the Sat TV doesn’t pick-up the footie). That should leave a three hour meander to the ferry in the morning. Maybe enough slack time to tour Balboa city a little.

Before leaving, just enough time for the weekly bike ride to the top of the mountain with Karl and Michael it’s a steady climb, then back down at an average speed of 25mph, hairpin bends need a a little nerve! a farewell to Shane, who pretends he hates minding Emma’s shoulder bag (I suggested he only carries it when she actually is out with him maybe)There’s time to enjoy a meal with Prisci at a beach side restaurant – forgetting I would be driving her the route she takes to work six days a weekπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ, and the nearby town is one she and her family lived in for a few years – not the surprising unique dining I thought it was going to be, I try and a quick stop at Deryck and Margaret’s to check his rotavator engine for a model number for spare parts, and a chat with Stu before hightailing it out of Puerto Mazarron