BMW Bounces, Klopp Claps, Berberana Bed

The roundabouts confuse the local drivers here. They will take the third exit using the kerb side all the way round, or go to the middle for a first exit and cut across the orbit minded lot!

Watched a BMW command the roundabout, but his king of the road manoeuvre wasn’t respected here by the old banger that collapsed like a clown car (boot and bonnet flew open on impact) after deciding all lanes should be used randomly

Almost a daily occurrence 200 metres from my apartment. Police have to attend every bump too.

My first leg to a coffee stop was free of hassle and scenic. The building next to the hotel restaurant was guarded by field guns. Maybe of interest to the Cartagena Military Museum?

Next stop – North of Madrid. Find a bar with the match on

Nice looking place and everyone in it looking to the same corner, good sign The town of La Cabrera is looking even better than the first view of it. Cracking place under massive craggy mountains. Most of the locals are rooting for the Italians- hard lunch people, Jurgen Klopp claps his Champions League Finalists of the Park.

I’m wide awake and think another hour or so is possible. Borgas was the next target, but in the end I reach Bererana at 02:30. The scenery as a climbed the mountains was fantastic. The drive so far has been Toll Free too. An hours drive tomorrow and enjoy Bilboa for a while before boarding, the rain has started in earnest to acclimatise me, smiley face on