Puerto Mazarrón then Cartagena Tasks before a Valencia Break

The ‘welcome home’ after a Sporting weekend break in Portsmouth/London was a surprise. The apartment had a table of fresh fruit, a little banner, a wrapped present and a note on the tableThe next mornings Wednesday Military Museum day was postponed until Thursday, Prisci had a rare day off work and I could spend it shopping with her in a busy Cartagena👏

Stu was happy to move the work to Thursday. The speed control of the Radar Aerial would be set, and the next phase of the project could start – Radar Display Rotation in sync with the aerial.

The wiring check revealed a hopeless amount of work for Plan A

On opening the display cabinet we found the display tube was smashed, Plan B scrapped.

The motor for the PPI cursor (white line on the display that rotates as the aerial does) was useless, Plan …. rapidly running out of alphabet here I had brought some odd bits with me for control switches and fans for cooling if needed.

While I worked on a new wiring configuration Stu stripped the small oscillating motor from the fan. He would use this poking through the Hole for the neck of the old display tube and set a card with a slot rotating. A back-light would give a look of a rotating cursor – maybe.

We were running out of time, as Cerveza and chips at Vicky’s was calling, so time to get Stu from his favoured prone positionand into the preferred ordering stoop

The work will wait until next week, meanwhile I have a long weekend in Valencia booked. Midnight fireworks Saturday and parades all day Sunday

And, a day in the world famous (I’m told) Valencia Aquariums Park – time to pack and fuel-up …….

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  1. The aquarium at Valencia is lovely and a nice long walk through the old river bed perfect for Prisci to get her steps in 😉

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