Rambla Housesit – Cordon Blurr cooking for canines, Secret Recipe 🤫

The apartment flowers are spoiling my man-pad look ….Still they are nice to look at while I do my cuticles.

The Wednesday work at the Military Museum was satisfying, the aerial rotation is set-up and the display unit is progressing

On the way home from Cartagena I dropped in to Valerie’s and did a little job, running new cable for the large satellite dish. I’ve spliced the cables so they can use either dish The twelve Day house sit for Nadine is under way. I have four dogs and two cats to feed. Their menu has changed from the buffet type feeding at my last sit here. Indie, Sonrisa, Flora and Einstein now require chefs duties for the main course. A half kilogram of rice is mixed with puréed carrots and pint of liver slop.

I’m cooking more for the pooches than I do for my meals! The washing up afterwards finishes off a pair of hours for the morning.

The views at the house are pretty decentA day away from the coastal scenery has cropped up. Popping to Casa McCobb with Margaret and Deryck to check the electrics and security system are good.

Breakfast en-route was a treat on the McCobb slate

Then a little work to earn lunch in Cafe Remedio

At lunch we met up with Mike, he is the nominated key-holder for the Casa and conducts business in his office .

Also it was catch-up time for those missing the Royal Wedding

Time then to scramble back to The Rambla. My Cast of hounds would have ribs showing if I didn’t get back soon to start the entree’s: Adiós Los Molinos again…..