House sit, Pool Repair and Others

Indie, Flora, Sonrisa, Einstein and the two cats are appreciative of my Al-a-Crap menusso much so that they brought a present in the house.

I’m not sure how animal lovers reconcile their belief in loving and caring for gods creatures that are better than humans, with the slaughter by them of lesser animals (rabbits, mice, birds etc are not even needed as a food source) – this carcass and a bloody floor to clean now

I buried Roland and popped over to Valerie’s to crack on with the replacement swimming pool filter controller. A packed lunch that I loaded with a few beers in case Stu popped to chew the fat, and a few euros in my pocket as the chap is partial to a Cerveza at nearby Pablo’s

Beer and butties in the sun and then worked out the difference between the controllers, resulting in a cannibal job on them

Other world events

Blakey is motoring along the North American East Coast for the month, and found my eldest daughter at a rooftop bar in D.C. Blakey and Kath have their friends with them and Becky has a ‘friend’ from work (a dads job is to not dig too deep)Here in Spain the Nalson bird is still entrusting care of her animals to me (🤷🏻‍♂️) while she attends her daughter, Victoria’s, wedding in Sussex. The next headline wedding (paparazzi stand-by) is Stu’a daughters. He will trek to U.K. in his Motorhome with his tuxedo pressed ready, pictures soon.

The Davison’s have been on the road again, another top hotel to stay with their bridge club (I double checked – not a swinging bridge)My helper is getting fond of the biggest of Nadine’s dogs, last four days now then the gang will have their lead chef back …..

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  1. He is a nice chap mate we had a couple of good hours chatting. He is an army captain, guess the navy were full. Will be in touch soon.

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