Pools and Parties (and memory wipe-out!)

Helping out at different estates is a fun learning experience here in the sun.

After the end of my sit for Nadine, I picked-her up from Murcia San Javier airport. Busy time with the quick turnaround of three airlines using it for a pit stop turnaround in a short time slot. Easyjet and Ryanair Shuttling to Gatwick, Bournemouth, Manchester – a busy terminal

Another little job done on her car made her smile. She had never seen the centre console display work, sorted. Another fault I had learned to fix (I thought LED’s worked or not, without needing to be backlit).

Released from house sitting, I dropped into to see what small problem the BMW had at Margaret and Deryck’s. Start up problem since the alarm had sounded whilst on a trip away. The alarm was silenced by good neighbour Stu. After two days of fault finding and battery charging, Stu turned up to dazzle us with his fault finding prowess

“What you need to do is find the second wire for the battery that I pushed behind the engine” he said 😬

Rewarded with a beer too 🤐

Next call-out for me was to help lift-and-shift a swimming pool multi-roof cover into position. It took four of us to pick each unit up separately and set it poolside

Wednesday is always Cartagena Military Museum Day, and it went well with the Radar rotating to welcome some VIP’s. The T24 Tank Engine was roaring away tooThe workshop boys were doing a good job supporting our refurbishing efforts

My Thursday bike ride was disrupted by the disappearance of my Marin. I left the apartment in cycling gear ready to attack La Cuesta and on to Nadine’s to clear a basement area ready for building work.

No bike outside! Walk back in to the building and down to my car space/storage room. Unlocked the room and …. no bike. Back upstairs and outside to double check – no bike.

I ran the 10Kms through the mountains and told my tale of woe, and after cracking the job I ran onto the next job.

I posted the bike picture and reward on a local site, pity to lose the bike but overdue a new one.

Surprise was that the bike was 10Kms where I’d left it after taking it there in the car a day earlier and forgotten to load it to go home 😳

The support comments on ‘Preguntas Y Mas’ turned into bantered advice (stay out the sun, more water in my whisky) – I could only thank all and work out how close I am getting to the bottom of that slithery slope.

Salsa meal and dance Friday night would cheer me up. Prisci looked stunning and only squashed my feet seven times

Nice crowd and lots of Spanish food to taste, so my ‘bike loss/Theft’ embarrassment nearly forgotten. Bring on the weekend 🎉