Perfect Circles, Padron Success, Dance Exams, Limbo Engineering

I feel it’s been a satisfying few days since the Salsa meal. Its also great to break the week in half with the guys at the Museum. Work is progressing on all fronts still.

Stu was given a task to test what many thought they suspected. I’m not sure if accomplishing it is reported as he was successful or he failed?

My task of the week, outside of the museum, was to sign the Padron. The local council can claim central funds against the population it supports. It’s a positive thing for the council. Many areas make this as simple as showing a passport and giving an address. All are required to sign the Padron if in Spain for three months or more.

In Mazarrón I had to have a rental contract that was proof read, my passport and a photocopy, my landlords passport photocopy, both my NIE and my Landlords NIE certificates, two euros for taxes, my landlords IBI and utilities bills.

I was surprised to clear the hurdles and receive my ‘Empadronamiento’.

The next task is using this certificate along with another eight reams of documents to get the Volvo through ITV testing and on Spanish plates.

Another success was to be in the form of a Dance certificate on the final Wednesday nights Salsa course (more next October I was told).

Alícia, as instructor/examiner, presented the certificates. It was a fun evening with chocolates and Cava in the break

Not so much success with the McCobbs air conditioning in their Espace though.

I was only able to chase down probable areas. One of which was under the bottom engine covers. There’s no crawl space below the Espace. Driving over the edge of a slope in the road was just enough to get the working space for my frame.

I checked the plug/connector on the compressor that the symptoms and forums pointed to….

No problem found – failed to get to the bottom of this one sadly.

A catch-up with the Davison’s discussed beach restaurants in the area. They had used on in Cartagena, very nice Time to wash my hands and take a drive to Murcia Ecuadorean Embassy with Prisci. At the lunch on the lake she explained that my query in the embassy as to where all the World Cup football banners where was naughty 😁

A friend in Gloucester asked me to write a report on his boat that had been ‘fixed’ a few years ago. I’d gone to sail it back from Stourport on Severn for him but found it in really bad disrepair- it was un-sailable and inhabitable. Pity as it was a nice boat. It’s still awaiting full restoration to its cruising days

Report done, Dance Certificate framed, Murcia City lunch enjoyed …. and success on programming a new pool filter controller- happy days