Fathers Day

Sunday 17th June 2018 – a celebration of being a Dad.

I taught my daughters to walk (well you really only help in the process), then to ride a bike. I spent an hour each on them in rotation at Sandy Balls Caravan Park, going round the empty static van areas until the stabilisers could come off.

The next holiday I bought a little caravan to tow with my 190D Mercedes, and this time the holiday with their grandmother with us was spent at a Hoseasons Park, and another rotation learning time. This holiday was how to swim. They learnt fast.

In later years they learnt drinking from their Nan, learnt that fast too!

Teaching the girls to drive took a few follicles off, and skimmed my clutch to the metal, but both passed first time. Sammy had a 2.0 RAV4 then a Suzuki Swift.

Becky a fiesta then a new Black Micra.

I spent nights in hospital with them both. From babies as projectile vomiting was sorted at Queen Marys in Portsmouth, to operations in Southmead Bristol as young ladies.

Visiting them (again in rotation) at University (a 2.1 and a First Class) wasn’t a cheap time, but they paid back every penny with their graduation.

I’ve shopped with them in New York, not cheap either😧

We all ran Christmas Fun runs in Liverpooland run I’ve Half Marathons with themwe’ve spent a little time in freefall

Central Park morning jogs were memorable, and times in USA Disney WorldThe girls are leading busy lives, driving the US Coast, New Years in Times Square, and fit in marathons (so my genes are kicking along)From being ‘tots’

To drinking ‘tots ‘

I enjoyed the day of memories

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