Spanish Plates – Not easy this Re-matriculation lark.

The progress from steps:

1 NIE acquired ✅

2. Padron acquired ✅

3. ITV passed ✅

4. Tech report printed ✅

5. Bill of original sale found ✅

6. Log Book with two copies ✅

7. Copies of Passport ✅

And now I believed it might be quick and, even if I resorted to paying a a gestoria, not too costly.

Three gestoria I’ve tried all hide their fees inside the cost of taxes and number plates, prices were between 440€ and 540€ at this point.

Ive spent three days so far driving between Mazarrón and Cartagena where:-

The Mazarrón Ayuntamiento said pay the road taxes at the Hacienda, the Hacienda said come back with an interpreter.

Cartagena DTE or Tráfico says go to Mazarrón Ayuntamiento and pay road taxes, then Hacienda for another tax (my car is exempt but still needs a tax form issued), then back to DTE.

DTE will only see me by appointment made on their website, and want 97€ paid somehow.

Surprisingly it only took 30 mins during a break from the Matriculation Merry-go-round to open a Spanish Bank Account. I now have Santander on my side.

My interpreter is booked for tomorrow at Hacienda Mazarrón and the Ayuntamiento

I have an appointment in Cartagena DTE/Trafico for 13:10 Friday.


This morning I have Sabine with me, a Spanish/English/French linguist who knows the local civil service desk-jockey routines.

We did a double loop at desk 3 in Mazarrón Hacienda and actually completed the paperwork to pay regional car tax (40€) 🎉The, Autoliquidacion Imp. Vehiculos Tracción Mecánica.

We visited two banks in Mazarrón before the 40€ could be processed from the paperwork and the cash in my pocket into a receipt – two hours and one hurdle down.

Hacienda Mazarrón sent us to Hacienda Cartagena for the tax I don’t pay🤷🏻‍♂️ I needed a receipt to show I was exempt.

Back along the same streets in Cartagena

We were told we needed an appointment to visit a desk on the fourth floor. Sabine led the way to the fourth floor, navigated a warren of desks and informed the desk driver we were fully ready to proceed.

The chap was excellent, resolved a little issue with my NIE not agreeing address with the Padron, and printed the tax exemption certificate (so my car is road tax free in U.K. and Spain).

Información De La Presentación De La Declaración – Modelo 576 in duplicate, joined the growing pack

A little tapas to celebrate –

The final leg of re- Matriculation starts Friday. With all the paperwork checked today by Trafico (they would not process at any of the free desks without an appointment), I only need to present the pack of documents, pay 93€ and I should be able to collect paperwork Monday that enables me to get the new registration plates fitted.

Not having to return to U.K. for MoT is really good, and the next ITV test is not until two years time. Friday then 🤞

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