Moonlight, Salsa and Museum days

The full-on switch was pulled somewhere, the days seem to have quickly turned to max sunshine and clear blue skies from six in the morning until eight at night. A constant 30 Degs and above after a wavering time of sun, clouds and some rain up until a week ago.

Stu has set-off for his daughters wedding in U.K. His main worries on the 3,000Km round trip in his Motorhome is not: punctures, engine reliability, safe parking at night or even if his toilet has the capacity for him between two hour rest stops at services ….. no – it’s putting up with the highly congested U.K. roads and, No 1- the price of a pint. His 2€ a Tanque at beer-o-clock is about to double. He was halfway there yesterday and lifting his foot off the throttle with trepidation

He was sorely missed at the Cartagena Military Museum for the Wednesday work group. Not for lost production but it was his turn to get the coffee

Karl and Trish met up with Prisci and I (briefly) at Sully’s Sports Bar for the England match. Trish’s daughters are rotating their stays through the summer. Karl is staying cool as his beautiful ladies surround him. They are turning over a lot of visitors at their home – Karl’s got his pool and sundeck/BBQ area set out perfect for chilling. They are busy and great hosts, it will be fun seeing their families for a beer and chat.

The ‘Mi Cuba’ salsa bar is starting to pack-out now with some really good dancers. My ability is not quite up to the level needed to share the floor with them, but a great atmosphere and a few of the other Salsa class folk were around to share a fruit juice

Thursday morning is going to be a breakfast meet-up with Deryk and then visit a job to see if I can help with a chaps microlight repair. Deryk and Margaret are hosting a chain of visitors, so it will be good to swop notes at Boca Pizza over a bacon butty.

The coming weekend should be amazing, the Volvo final phase of re-Matriculation, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, visit a National Park with water gardens, two generators to help repair, and more strolls…..

……The evening stroll at 22:00 along the paseo is getting into a regular routine. Is it the cool sea breeze after the long hot day, or Prisci’s fondness for Mango Ice Cream?

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  1. Very happy to see your joy and contentment with life… it’s warm here too and lovely on the boat. The garden is very productive… 21 chilli plants, and loads of veg herbs and flowers. Life is good xs

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