Microlight and Matriculation

My first job on a microlight wasn’t a big one, but it was fascinating to play with a little flying machine.

Kevin just needed a second pair of hands and some of my tools really. But it gave me a chance to help and have a chat about ‘Paramotoring’. The machine made me smile just looking at it, it was valued at 10 times my first guess. After looking at the harness, tubular skeleton and compact engine, I could appreciate why they are in the £5000 and above zoneWith the job done in about 30 mins I went off to my next task. Kevin followed up with a message and invite to an event in October – I’m keen to try this now after seeing the kit put together.

The breakfast chat with Deryk (and full English – muchas gracias) lined up a few things for the coming days/week that would help us spend productive retirement hours. Topics were: Trampoline/Bath/Boiler/Pool/plaster/transport, mixed bag – love it.

The big event of the week for me is the handing over of my very large document pack in Trafico at 13:10 Friday.

The upstairs office is a typical looking one for civil service and police to administrate parking/speeding fines, car scrapping, driving licences and Matriculation

Sitting and waiting for my appointment I picked a drink from the vending machine. Who would guess one option would be a can of beer cheaper than a soft drink in a traffic office!No issues with the paperwork, it only took 15 mins to process and pay the 93€ fee, all ready for Monday afternoon plates collection.

I still had enough time to stop at Deryck and Margaret’s on the way back from Cartagena. His irrigation pump wouldn’t runI found a bug in the contact block that was squashed by the latching spring onto the contacts. Break down the unit, clean out, reassemble, run the pump and drink a beer to celebrate, the good life