My Beach, Moratalla and Christening C30

The beach at the end of my road was busy all day Saturday. It’s a 20 minute stroll along the waters edge to Sully’s Sports Bar, a few bottles of Cruzcampo, watch the match, stroll back in the 32 degs. There are three bars in the small waterfront quadrangle, La Proa has a motorbike loving owner and parks it where you can appreciate it

After the walk back to Casa Cliff I packed ice in the cool box to pre-chill it ready for Sunday’s trip to the mountains and rivers a 90 minute drive away.

The roads in this part of Spain (and all over I find) are amazingly free of traffic. It’s a pleasure to go out, and the roadside cafe’s are cheap, clean, good food choices and cheery staff. A coffee, a pineapple juice, two well-filled ham bocadillo under 8€, then rejoin the traffic ……….

Moratalla is very much like Velez Blanco, high in the mountains, impressive fortress, and surrounded by great views.

The fort was well preserved, and not overpriced at 2€ to visitThe spiral staircases of small stone blocks had you on tiptoes, and the low (even for me) overhead passageways had you headbowed through different rooms (not noticed in time for me to avoid another dent on my skull). A dark and steep staircase to the quarters and roof would stop any attackers charging up, and had Prisci holding her breath going down.

The roofs of the surrounding town fixated me, the shapes, colour, how compact and lack of sunbathers (midday – mad dogs – Englishmen – I guess)

Driving up a twisting road into the mountains behind the fort we found an Ermita that seemed to have been a monastery converted to art museum and picnic ark

Walking the area around it for a pair of hours meant the picnic box with cold beer (non-alcoholic) and butties was half emptied in a flash.

Air-con full on drive then to La Puerta Camping area to walk the river. The place had good facilities and runs alongside the river until it opens into pools and waterfalls.

Prisci wanted a dip in the water as a major part of the days experience. After being in hot sun until late in the afternoon it looked too good to miss. Hot body into cool water – the differential felt like you were taking an ice-bath. I managed two lengths of one stretch, Prisci made it into the water to her knees before scrambling back ashore.

Moratalla was worth the drive, now back to home and prepare for Trafico.

Trafico were ready with my documents and had issued the new registration. I will buy and fit plates in the week, but had a celebration Cerveza and Tortilla while in Cartagena

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  1. I’m impressed with the trip out and the car reg success. 28C here with no let up in the next week. Been hiding on the boat. Peri peri chicken and cheese and sun dried tomato scones fresh out of the oven… nom nom xs

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