A ‘Grand’ Job! Next – España Driving Licence, amid other tasks.

The Volvo was six weeks away from its legally allowed (12 months) time in Spain. Also the MoT road test was due August. The choice between annual drives back to U.K. for the MoT at a cost of £1000 a time, or importing the car into Spain and going with the ITV road test (which initially was to cost £1000 most folk found) needed taking.

My self-help costs for the whole project:

My NIE cost 9.60€ – tax payment (Would be 100€ if using agents)

My Padron cost 2€ – tax payment (quoted at 250€ by agents)

ITV preparation 0€ – headlights lever moved from left to center (garage quotes are over 100€)

ITV cost 96.30€ – with in-date MoT it should never be a problem.

Local Road Charge 40€

Import taxes 0€ – within 3 months of moving.

Matriculation Trafico charge 93€

Registration Plates 30€ – self fit from Mister Minit.

Admin 0€ – usual charge is 350€ for gestoria

The ITV is valid for 2 years, a financial saving and a buggerance job less in 2019.

A clear 1000€ saved in doing the paperwork myself

A saving of 1000€ this year and next for fuel / ferry from needing a return to U.K. for MoT.

A good return on the circa 250€ spent (which includes the road test MoT/ITV I need anyway).

Next task then …..

The position on changing your driving licence to Spanish, or the country you live-in is woolly. Do you consider wether you have applied for ‘Residencia’ as your criteria for living in Spain, or the statement that once you have spent more than 183 days in a rolling year in a country it is your resident country. Owning property is not in the criteria. The instruction on renewal of a licence says you use it until expiration and then apply in the country you reside at the time.

Changing the licence in Spain with its language and burocracia hurdles now might be a good move, as more hurdles may crop up after Brexit (need to sit Spanish driving test, cost increase, insurance issues …). Change now and consider it is an easier process to change back to U.K. later if need be, are my thoughts.

My car insurance renewal – cheaper in Spain and covers any driver using my car (aged over 26) and includes unlimited break/down cover.

While I’m considering the licence, and feeling comfortable with the new number plates, I’m ticking off other little jobs about the Rambla.

The Volvo fits in well with the other motors in the car park now

Work in the Cartagena Military Museum went well, I have started retiring all the looms used to set the system working into fixed wiring configuration and the traditional Cerveza and Chips lunch was enjoyed at Vicky’s – she laughed as she served up 2€ a pint beer when told her Stu was paying £4 a pint whenever he gets off the M25

I dropped into a house to fit a new swimming pool light transformer. The spec is quiet high for this kit, but you do need a high factor of safety when your in the same water that electricity is fed

A visit to Chirivel to do some prep work for the soon-to-return-to-holiday McCobbs was a good day with Deryck. Finished off with tapas at Las Palas on the way home

A morning jog around the bay is getting my lazy body going again, it’s so easy just to sit in the sun and convince yourself the exercise isn’t really needed

And a visit to the beach with my inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board has to become more frequent to get my core less like the pit-bellied look it is taking – and now to enjoy the weekend

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