Boilers and bits

Away Day in Chirivel (Andalucía) to do a few jobs on Casa McCobb. The boiler needs moving and the garage is to eventually become the main room, so a ring of eight sockets needed. The unloading done, then a quick look at the jobs to do…

Garage ready to fit out

Bathroom ready for the old garage fitted boiler

Serious faces from the other members of the labour force – Deryck and Matt

Boiler hung and wired-in to new high level boiler switch outside of the bathroom.

The new sockets are fixed to the wall around the room with cable laid waiting for the floor to be concreted and walls rendered and plastered, home time with a dash – it’s England v Panama 👏

To keep busy I have some jobs at Valerie’s: fit a new outside light, move a floodlight, fit two new external sockets, re-run the 75 foot long cable to the jacuzzi and set the new satellite dish up. A little side job is to prime the well/deposit pump at the Davison’s – and all while enjoying mid-thirties and higher temperatures

The weeks of chasing around to get the new Spanish plates on my Volvo had the bonus of the plate being a new registration – my car is reborn. Meanwhile Blakey took an easier route, swooped his newish Mercedes for a Rover, smart motor