Calasparra and painting and …. World Cup shame

The news on TV from around the Spanish Holiday resorts is that the “white people” (one TV reporter description) used and badly abused their host cities after World Cup matches. “Benidorm, City Without Law” – and England are only into a semi-final.

My preparations for watching the match on Saturday was to help Shane paint his sons, Harry, bedroom. A few cuppas and bacon bocadillos kept our energy up to finish comfortably for the England/Sweden kick-off. Having a Brit passport but a Swedish car, I was torn 🤥The finished room was ok

A meal out with Shane on the Puerto Mazarrón paseo was a ‘thank you’ and made more enjoyable when we shared a table there with Trish and Karl

Calasparra was a three hour Sunday morning drive, and although very scenic, was a non-bathing area at the massive lakes of clear azure blue

The rivers/lakes spilled over the dam but not before the bottling company had syphoned some off I tried to help The dam is one off a couple in this area where three rivers triangulate the town, Rio Calasparra , Rio Argos and Rio Quipar

A riverside picnic in 38 Degs made the non-bathing rule seem more harsh Plan B was to go to another lake on the opposite side of town

The dam and river was well hidden as we left, not even a sign of a lusher area really.

We looked out over fields that resembled dry paddy fields and wondered if it was all Calasparra famous rice (never heard of it myself)?

The smaller lakes carried the same no-swimming signs sadlyice-cream and coca-cola in the nearest Cafe and a slow drive back on empty roads…