Archena – Balneario Spa. Puerto Cops, Tri-Training and Electrics

The drive in-country to the hot springs is just over an hour. Archena has an amazing Spa resort with its own hotels 45€ for a day ticket with a good meal and use of the thermal circuit (22€ without these). The 4* Hyltor in Archena was only 50€ for a superb room and just five minutes to the resort.

The floating spa room and Russian Sauna (one of four different types) are neat. Prisci spent 10 seconds in a Sauna, half that time in the igloo, but major time in the lemon spa and in the current moats. 26 degs +\- 2 degs is her comfort zone.

Outside of Archena the surrounding towns and the odd cave house meant picture stops after every bend

Back in Puerto Mazarron the road block made a slight delay, then a little entertainment during supper on the balcony. The police were stopping hot hatch and vest wearing 20 somethings, a full car search and papers check. They don’t shy away from the profile they want to clamp down on

The visit of the McCanns to their Casa in Chirivel has started, and Tom is looking for a little help into his Triathlon aspirations. He could be selected for the coming Paralympic Games. We’ve done a few bike rides, some runs and a little time on core work on the paddle board

Margaret has been Toms chauffeur, but maybe she has some motivation herself for early doors on the beach Cafe?

Nadine has started her house remodel, and as expected from an artist she has included some original design

I’ve chipped in with a little electrical work, and Nadine has her house guest earning her room

And …. In the season of graduation my eldest daughter now has a doctorate in Masters of Defence.