Ryan Air Strikes Again? Canada Contingency

Murcia San Javier airport to Manchester International is the first leg of my flights to Toronto on this coming Thursday 26th. Ryan air pilots in Ireland went on ‘strike’ for one day last week, and the cabin staff of most European countries are to ‘strike’ for two days in support on 25th and 26th July.

Joan and Kevin have booked their travel from their home in Penetanguishene, Canada to Costa Rica, ready to leave my mates for August in my carethe 2017 sit had 30 different superb days, and obviously I’m looking forward to Canadian sights and the open-top Mercedes this time round.

My Ryan Air flight was an evening one, arriving in Manchester for a stopover with Blakey and Kath

Plan A – cross fingers and hope the strike is called off (risky)

Plan B – drive and use the ferry/tunnel (adds nearly £800 to the trip)

Plan C – another airline?

I tried Sky Scanner for an option to the Ryan Air flight, not expecting to get a short notice flight in high-season under £300. But ….. The site offered an Alicante airport Thomas Cook flight on the morning of the 26th (10:30) for £23.99 – quickly taken by me.

I’m going to take the morning flight and let Ryan Air be my back-up now (sorry Blakey it’s an extra six hours whisky tasting time at yours).

Lots of good folk here have offered the airport drive for me, Karl offered the shuttle or to take a car back for him if I wanted to drive. Shane, Stu and Deryk all said they’re happy to do the run.

Nadine has a second car that needs to be in Alicante, which means I’ll get to help her and save anyone doing a four hour loop airport run.

All is ready I think, just a weekend to enjoy, finish some jobs at Nadine’s, Sabine’s, McCobbs and fit my new satellite system on the roof terrace and the last Wednesday Military Museum for a few weeks to attend.

Thanks for the lift offer guys