Roughing it on the roof, and last days pre Canada

My washing line, an old settee and the new satellite dish to fit, the roof terrace is looking tardy. Not the best time to cram in a BBQ, but I went for it anyway. A tidy-up needed after coffeeDeryk was given the chefs hat and he cracked-on with the cooking. Brits, Belgians, Ecuadorean and Russian folk enjoyed the Spanish al fresco evening (no Spanish, I had hoped the Salsa people could make it)some are camera shy, some notIt was a pleasant Monday evening, and the start of a busy few days before my Thursday flights. The food went well and music and chatter was good

Rachel and boys made it to the beach to the end of the Triathlon training session I’d done with Tom in the eveningRachel and Matt were returning to Chirivel, I followed them the 90 minute drive the next day to take Tom and his bike and do a little wiring work on their extensión

I have a trail of unfinished jobs building up:- Waiting on a part for Karl’s spare compressor, wiring in Casa McCobb, Deryk’s rotavator pull start, Nadine’s new wiring in her extension to finish, taps in the apartment and a roof garden to build. Jetting off to Canada will recharge my batteries to get on when I return, but I will miss Prisci.

We had crossed wires over a message and after sorting it out Prisci said “ok”. I said “No wrong answer, you say sorry Cliff, you were right”. Prisci laughed and said “Ah, you are so cute, you think the woman apologises, so sweet. I will tell my mother at work about this, oh how we will laugh a lot”. But she did pay for the coffees

The last Museum volunteer Wednesday until September ended with Cerveza, chips and sausages at the Davison’s. Really nice lunch and a chance to say farewell to them and Stu.

Prisci and I had a dinner out in Cartagena, saw a cloudless sky on the way apart from one cloud hugging halfway up a mountaina little shopping after dinner and all was nearly ready for my drive to Alicante, but, no car – a last minute lift from Deryk to meet Nadine and pick up the ‘Smart 4Four’ motor I was taking to Mark.

Up early, secure the apartment and roof, and put the statues off watch was the final task before departing

The short first flight to Manchester gave me palpitations- not because of the travel, but the airport bar prices!

The queues for boarding were long, but sort of convenient

Manchester Airport – like being a ‘b-list’ celebrity when Blakey arrived in his private plate Land Rover

The car park system in Manchester Airport – incredible. Token on driving in, then one pay machine to validate the ‘token’ for queuing motorists. Your parking charge can change in the long, long exit queue. Drivers waiting over their paid time cannot get through the barrier, and their hold up blocks the lane – rippling the effect back down the frustrated lane, check out you-tube, FB for the worst of the absolute chaos.

The overnight at Casa Blakemore involves a beverage or three, nice meal with Kath and Blakey and a doll to help me sleep after missing my Ecuadorean amigo – Canada Friday 🎉

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