Canada until September – Toronto then Penetanguishene (again).

The Canada Air flight was comfortable but something felt odd on boarding. The seat seemed bare.

After take-off I realised the seat in front of me had no TV screen – Middle Ages transport!

It was iPad and mobile phone clean-up time. After deleting and creating album folders I scoured my Kinder files for something to read.

Giving-up on my media, I read the flight mag. WiFi was available and all the movies on-board can be accessed on your device. Ahhh, no charge for WiFi but only works on the plane. The log on done, where’s the entertainment?

“All accessible from the App that you load prior to boarding” – five hour nap for me then.

Joan and Kevin had the Merc fuelled up ready for me, they were staying at the airport to catch their Costa Rica flight in the morning.

Inside two hours I had cruised up Highway 400, onto the 93 and garaged the car, used my code to enter the house and switch the alarm (no keys or tokens needed).

Tigre and Pantera remembered me, no barking or growlingWe had a walk, watered the drive, then shared a few biscuits (I had the Tuna bake that Joan left me actually).

I needed a soak after the journey, best ever bath in one of the five bathrooms

Then check out my bed

My first trip out was to see if much had changed in the nearest town of Penetanguishene just 6KM away. Kevin said some work was happening in the high street

Yup – just a little touch-up!

The harbour still has HMS Beagle lying there

And, Grocery shopping for the five weeks stay done, back to walk Tigre and Pantera.

The dogs are getting on, walks last year we’re 15 mins or so around the block or in the woods. It’s a lot shorter strolling this year. Their cancer, ailments and age are cutting walks down to the driveway and around the yard with a few minutes in the wood at most. Tigre is able to do a little more than Pantera. Today they looked a little settled to do a walk while the evening sun was still hot – later chaps …..

The very very comfortable bed or the five hour time shift is extending my normal 4/5 hour sleep into 10/12 hrs!

Breakfast is ‘on-deck’ before a drive to Orillia …..