Orillia – Couchiching Beachpark, Lake Simco.

A one hour drive to Orillia, plus coffee stop, skirting the edges of Georgian Bay (Lake Huron) and along Highway 12 east looking for a typical Canadian Cafe.

WiFi with breakfast is not so easy to find, but everywhere I travel good old McDonalds has it free and quick. McCurrency is a good check too. Compare a McD meal price with what you get at home and you have a useful ratio of money’s.

A catch-up with Prisci on the ‘wind’ in Mazarrón (eased a little now), emails and some tit-bits off Margaret, Nadine and Stu as I try the Maple 🍁 ‘M’

Orillia turned out to be a nice little town, twee harbour and varied shops, but I think Midland just tops it with its broader streets and fantastic wider lake views. The beaches along the lake are small, Couchiching was the nicest I found, just a stroll from parking the car at the main waterfront park.

I left the lakeside scenes in good time to return for the dog walks and an early night. My body clock is still fighting the evening sun.

Also, before giving into Morpheus I wanted to watch a pre-season match again, I think I was jet lagged when I thought Jose smiled at Klopp…..