Cruising, Biking, Strolling and other peeps

Taking the Mercedes out is fun, but I need to shift a developing paunch. My normal running and riding routines have been missing since January.

It is only 2000 miles around the shores of Lake Huron, maybe a tad stretched targetBetter i test the bike out locally, revisiting some of the nearby sights first

10Kms to :-

The Martyrs’ Shrine is a Roman Catholic church in Midland, Ontario, Canada, which is consecrated to the memory of the Canadian Martyrs, six Jesuit Martyrs and two lay persons from the mission of Sainte-Marie among the Hurons.

Impressive building standing just off highway 22 and on the 50km cycle loop.

Nice houses and bays on the dedicated cycle trackthe track has bike repair stations with tools and a pump, neat

A stop-off on the way through Midland to check on the Irish bands that Joan and Kevin left tickets for at the Cultural Centre.

And a stroll around the arts studio, what a great bike trackFinding a pub at the 25km point was a perfect refreshment stop,

The owner, Gary, gave a great welcome. He is a Newcastle chap who supports the Geordie side. A part of the public bar roof is covered in English Premiership team shirts. He will open at 07:00 for the first match of the new season next week – Guinness and Maple Syrup pancakes with early morning football have an open mic night on Wednesdays and Live-Band evening, and my hosts have appeared there.

At the moment they, Joan and Kevin, are at their Costa Rica second home with their grandson, it’s a fabulous place so no surprise with the smiles they sent mepretty good sunsets there Another Kevin is the new friend I made when repairing his power paragliding kit. He has been flying about in Poland and this week in Walesthe Marshall in the orange jacket left it down to the last second to realise he was in Kevin’s flight path – the video should go viral.

Tina and Terry’s eldest, Joe, makes an appearance on BBC TV where they pick him up to take him training at Bristol Rovers for the seasons first match v Peterborough. His rendition of ‘Valerie’ and the fans anthem ‘Goodnight Irene’ is nearly ‘pitch’ perfect

Artist related story from my Painter/Decorator cousin Baz (who did the Vietnam trip with me), well more a ‘tip’ than a story, is “do not look down at the paint pot when dipping your brush if you wear glasses”😂

Coming-up – Along with the live music nights and concerts, there is a rudely named boaty event in the harbour. A pint of Moosehead while sitting on a bollard should make a good afternoon at this

For now, A glass of red, pizza and watching the humming bird in the garden celebrates the first week here….

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