Kitchikewana and Country music – and friends frolicking

O’Neil’s Bar showed an old Man Utd v WBA match as they could not screen Liverpool v Napoli. Watching a ‘Classic’ (I suppose 5-5 is pretty good for those teams) instead of live football and paying what seems to be a premium price for a bottle (1€ in Puerto Mazarrón, Spain) wasn’t a perfect afternoon Following my preferred game on text and reading a 5-1 result rubbed/salt/wound.

The next morning my canine alarm clocks had gone off a little early. Pantera and Tigre are on top of our routine and keen to keep me in line

The rest of the time this week has been spent exploring more on the bike, and stopping to read landmark plaques, with some chores done too.

I find the signage outside of some wood construction homes that are built in a tree-cleared site a little odd. Asking that the trees are saved after you have made full use of a big share of them ????

A new build in the neighbourhood, great example of respecting the conservation plan

Another anomaly is the use of overhead cables in the high streets. Accepted as dangerous, but there is an additional cost to burying it. The new roads and pavements are complete rebuilds back to soil level. The project is perfect for sinking cables that are a hazard in bad weather/storms, but it’s not happening. Just warning signs on the danger as the work scurries on

Early evening…. The sun setting behind Kitchikewana in Penetenguishene Park was effective in what is great scenery on the banks of Georgian Bay

(my transport is left hand side against the bench).

There is live music somewhere in Penetenguishene/Midland nearly every night. The parks have permanent stages for acts in the summer.

A bit of country music on a warm night went down wellTasks to enjoy – My gardening skills are not great, weed or flower – same, same to me.

Mowing and pulling things sprouting through paving is no problem, and the 28 degs makes it a tanning session – everywhere is so green after Southern Spain ……

It looks pretty green where Sally and Martin are enjoying Sidmouth hippie festival. The nice new car doesn’t hide the abandoned underwear on the windshelter – your never too old to rock 🎸 In Spain – Margaret and Deryck are eating paella at the McCobbs in Chirivel, and then aqua-dining with iced wine in their Puerto Mazarrón home pool – as you would expect for poor British pensioners

The sacrosanct Wednesday Cartagena Museum work was left in good hands. Stu has the weight. Keeping up the Cerveza and Chips tradition should be the easy part of his watch while I am in Canada.

But ….. This is a picture of a man waiting to explain why the Museum and Cafe Vicky didn’t get normal service!!

The basement curved screen TV entertainments room, with a few Mooseheads, is not a bad place to pass the end of the week with my attentive new buddy while I type up the blog….