Goitse, Barrie, Rock Trees?

Live music in the parks, live music in all the bars, and tonight an Irish band in the Concert Hall that has an Irish Bar just a few doors away – I’m tone-deaf and Guinness isn’t nice, but I’m going to ‘support the arts’.

The Queens Quays pub in Victoria Harbour was a great choice for the weekend football.

Gary (on the right) owns this cracking place that was having a wedding ceremony and celebration right after the final whistle. He made sure the preparation was done so he could fit the match in.

Tomorrow is an hours bike ride there to watch the EUFA Super Cup.

Temperatures are decent here, matching most corners of the planet. Shirtless cycling is good, but I can’t see the pedals for my belly overhang!

Highways 93 and 400 get me to Barrie in an hour for a day trip. It’s not the city type place I expected, more a big town with a shoreside resort one side and a mall the other.

The Main Street has lots of neat bars, cafes and clubs. It is said to throb at night. I’ll not find that out, Pantera and Tigre give me a good excuse to miss being in $10 a beer noisy bars, back to the boys …..

I’m keeping Kevin and Joan updated with their ‘home and hounds’ status. They’re relaxing in Costa Rica is half way through

The walk in the forest behind the house gave me time to ponder over two things ..

First: how can two trees a hunted foot tall grow on top off a boulder??

Second: at the small lakeside – who would park there anyway ?

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