Ontario whimsical roaming day with Yusaf or Cat?

Morning has Broken

No good Sitting,

I need to be On the Road to Findout where the Boy With A Moon and Star lives after chatting to the gardeners daughter I need directions home as I was Miles from Nowhere

She asked if I knew Where Do The Children Play? Ah yes, and I thought I Remember the Days of the Old School Yard. I believed it was near the Longer Boats,

It was Midday….

I was trying not to stray too far as the day is Oh Very Young, and I had to be mindful of Kevin’s words “I Love My Dog” and they need walks regularly,

Soon it will be time to go out in this Wild World on just Another Saturday Night.

But first it is Tea for the Tillermanthen a shortcut through the woods, which gives an eerie Moonshadowa branch sliced my arm, not badly but The First Cut is the Deepest, I saw the blood and thought I Can’t Keep it In! My shirt was red!

For a while things faded Into White,

Tonight maybe I will see a PopStar

Pretty much a good day out with music from a man who, when drowning, promised his god he would work for him if saved……. and then …….

A big wave then washed him ashore, and as promised, he changed his beliefs and his name.

Some say he feels to them like both – Father and Son.