Tug Fest on Lake Huron, Georgian Bay

The Midland harbour jetties are packed with decked-out tug boatsthe skies are clearing after a monsoon type downpour that lasted an hour.

The tugs will have a few races and take folk of short harbour rides. They are open to you stepping onboard and trying out the wheelhouse, makes you feel like Popeye or Steamboat Willy, classic shaped rising bows on these small powerful boats.

One of the weekends events is to test the power of the tug.

A compression plate with hydraulic hose to a scale is set on the jetty side, then the tugs take turns to push against it

I don’t think the baby tug has much of a chance, cute and fast though it is

the big boys are trying next They are having push battles in the harbourand a couple push the 350 ton giant of the harbour sidewaysThe jetty has a few bands playing and a market, at which the turtle outpaces most of the browsing folkBravest sight is the little girl happy to be draped with a snake from the travelling zooThe tugs are happy to parade-on, with what looks like their own cloud eachThe TugFest champion takes a bow (pun intended obviously) Live music with my poutine and a bottle of moosehead before cycling back to Penetenguishene, superb weekend