Missing the Family Fun, but out and pedalling about.

I have a gorgeous cousin who lives on a non-working farm. Joan worked hard until retirement, then carried on working bloody hard keeping the farm up to date and improving it. Bands in the Barn, Birthday Party for her twin nieces, Ladies Nights, all happens here.

This August she opened one of the many barns and got out the race/play/dine stuff and hosted a Family Fun Day.

There are great pics and videos on FB of a cracking day that I was sorry to miss

My Fun Day in Canada maybe didn’t look it by my face but the tugs were brilliant and the little one scampered about with its 150 Perkins Diesel engine churning the waters

The Irish dancing, street markets and buskers made it lively ashore, with a good band doing a few hours gigI had cycled to the Tug Fest, trying to reverse the increasing beer belly, but I guess having a hot dog and root beer ruined the attempt. Sunday evening was spent joining a site for HMS Ganges, a Navy basic training base in Shotley, Ipswich, that’s now a museum. A few pics of my first weeks of 22 years service are on it now – the haircut of my shoulder length locks that rested on my cool RAF greycoat (worn with Chelsea bags and platforms) was traumatic, the bar on camp helped recovery