Balm Beach, Builders Bum, Birthdays.

It’s a slow process grinding down the beer belly I’ve sprouted since Xmas, self promises of getting back out biking, running and StandUp-Paddleboarding don’t do much against a steady pizza and ale and poutine input.

A world famous mix of chips, gravy, cheese curds – I’ve never heard of it outside theses shores?

I used the ‘jet-lagged’ excuse for the first week in Canada, enjoyed ‘Tim Horton’s’ breakfast deals a lot, and so very much made the road back to a lesser belt-overhang a little steeper.

Seeing the guys on Paddle boards at Balm Beach was a wrench, they enjoyed a concert while riding fresh water wavesand got in core body exercise, while I only managed to make the bar – ah well, start tomorrow I can shed a few ton in domestic chores maybe? Hoovered, walked the dogs…. Today is grass-cutting and tidying around the outside of the house. I’ll double step as I follow the petrol driven mower.

I’ve done a few small jobs of which one was to make the dog safety-gate swing between the basement staircase and the living room, depending on which side the dogs need to be kept if your home or out.

Not a big job, but done by clamping old wood that I planed down and used 6″ bolt-and-butterfly nuts, easy to remove with no marking left. Clamped a little castor wheel to help glide the gate round too.

Pantera and Tigre are really interested in the work, I think.

I’ve been able to help Bruno (Joan and Kevin’s builder) on a little roof project, mostly as tool carrier

There’s music in the park tonight, or if it’s rains, in one of the pubs – with Wings and Moosehead lager that I’ll run off the following morning 🤥

And… It’s Becky’s Birthday, she is in her fourth year now of working in Washington DC. Becky and Sammy’s birthdays are just under a month apart (2 years between them) and both insist the years of lap-tops, mobile phones, iPads, cars, Michael Korrs bags as gifts are over, phew 😅 The girls are amazingly close even though the Atlantic separates them.