Pancake Day and Connla

Sunday in Penetanguishene / Midland is full-on.

Early morning walk with Pantera and Tigre, then a drive into Midland for a fundraising Pancake Breakfast.

I was welcomed by a query on my Gloucester RFC top. Geoff (the groups Chairman) grew up in Gloucester before his family moved to Liverpool, then 50 yrs ago to Canada.

I told him about my boat ‘Water Witch’ on the Glos Canal and the years of watching rugby with Blakey. The Witch was floating ‘digs’ in Gloucester Docks for non-driving rugby following – I’m football really but the social elements (🍻) in rugby are so much betterThe ‘Away’ match two hours up the motorway took two days for Glos v Worcester

My journeys had travelled initially opposite to Geoff’s, South Midlands to Merseyside v Merseyside to South West, and now we cross here in appropriately named Midland.

The work the he and the team does for the local youth is brilliant, very diverse in what they offer

and the organisation is channelling all funds to the children with people like restaurant owner Phil providing facilities and food for free at each of his two eateries twice a year.

I really enjoyed the breakfast and chat with Geoff, and with Mark who was selling raffle tickets. The volunteer who served my table is a neighbour of Joan and Kevin’s, he tried to explain his place, I asked is it near a lane marked the Coopers that I walk the dogs by? – he was the Coopers.

Good breakfast with people I greatly admire

The middle part of the day – drive back to the Firth home, then a cycle ride into Penetanguishene for exercise and check my Ontario lottery 🤞 and ……. I can uncross my fingers until Wednesday 🤷🏻‍♂️

My evening is going to be spent with Irish band Connla in the Midland Cultural Centre.

Last week I had watched Irish band Goitse, who could boast of their Bodhran player (Colm Phelan) winning the recent world championship on this instrument

Connla are touring with the press releases saying they are the hottest new band out of Ireland. Are they the best of hundreds of new bands, or just the only one?

Pressure is on Ciara, Ciaran, Paul, Emer and Connor ……