“Stroke My Snake”, ‘Thor’, ‘Honey Harbour Cottagers’

The music in the Penetanguishene park was a little late this week as there was family Funtime first. The kids had energy for the bounce attractions and plenty left to get their newly face painted bodies on stage with the evenings artist.

A nice touch was the girl wandering the waiting adults with snakes she wanted everyone to feel, while the kids chased the mobile zoos turtle and rabbits

The singer was solo this week, and only 16yrs old. Nice voice, good selection of songs and made sure she had the children entertained along with everyone else.

This Saturday is the start of my last week of house sitting in Canada, and the beginning of a weather week that would make me happy to arrive in 35+ degs in Spain in September.

With running and cycling a non-starter in the winds and wet, the Merc is going on cruise control around the area.

A movie night in before a wet wandering Saturday, with Pantera and Tigre for company, ‘Thor’ was a good choice. My canine companions were pretty laid-back about the action on screen

Honey Bay is an hour away, set over-looking dozens of islands, and sounds a place to visit with its irish bar as part of the Delawana Resort.

Flynn’s surprised me by not having a TV, I’d hoped for a pint looking over the harbour at half-time. No soccer, so for me no beer or dining. The coffee instead was C$5, ridiculous price for a cardboard cuppa!

There’s lots of boatyards to look enviously around at floating gin palaces, with bars and shops having their own jetties for sail-and-sipping

Colourful scene at the Big Red House on the main road, where a floating picnic table caught my eyea neat idea, I’d have had my coffee in the water if it had been launched

The folk around are friendly, good humoured too. The guys selling property here are easy to recognise after seeing their advert on the way in. Married or brothers was my question?

Port of call done, time to find a Tim Horton’s on the road home……