Little Jobs, Left Luggage and an Astrolabe?

The last evening ‘sitting’ the Firth home and last concert in the Penetanguishene Parkwith also the last swim in Lake Huron, not sure why but it seems neat to swim in a lake the size of a sea but is freshwater

And …! I have a fail with Pantera and Tigre. I modified the stair gate to the basement (stop these elderly dogs falling on the stairs) with a hinge on a clamp to the bannister. Easy to use to secure the stairs or swing to keep them in the lounge when away or remove and won’t mark or make holes. The gate stop was a rock from the beach and a bell from in the basement.

Kevin is ex-Royal Navy and I thought this would amuse on his and Joan’s return. On the phone he asked if it was a walkies call bell, good idea I thought. I kicked it before a walk, and ….. no interest at all from my canine companions. Tigre not shy in letting his opinion known

It works as a gate ‘stop’ though 🤷🏻‍♂️

The last cut of the lawns, always feels therapeutic time in the sun Then ‘The Park’, to watch Kitty Band. I was going to take a beer with my camping seat to relax at the amphitheater, but checked Ontario police website. Seems it’s like the U.S. and breaks the law, it’s just a root beer and hot dog again with the music tonight

Strolling through the park with lots of art dotted around, the sunset lit up a big rusty wheelI found it to be more than some old foundry workings, it helped with navigation to establish the town

The final packing was done early Saturday morning after my swim in Lake Huron. Double and triple checking before you leave, always! 90 minutes from Penetanguishene vía Barrie to Toronto Pearson International, cruising happily in the Merc.

The car swop with Joan and Kevin went smoothly at Toronto Airport, they stowed their baggage from their Costa Rica trip and were off home to see Pantera and Tigre (who must be near the end of their toilet holding time). The Costa Rica/Toronto flight had been delayed an hour, so no time for a catch-up really. I took the shuttle to my hotel and relaxed ready for the long Sunday before the night flight to Manchester. A few hours stopover there before onwards to Murcia, Spain 🇪🇸

I swopped messages Sunday morning with Kevin, bits and pieces and a fond farewell to him and Joan, a final message from Kevin had a picture – my in-flight munchies, hat and bag of my electrical stuff and iPad – oh well a reason to return one-day soon 🤷🏻‍♂️