Puerto pastimes, Cartagena and horror.

The first week after Canada in Spain, in September, is busy. Wednesday is Museum volunteering day with Stu. We had mechanical jobs to do for a change. Levers and linkages on a WW2 tank to free up after we had nothing ready to progress on the radar project (I’d forgot to bring the time switch to fit).

We checked out the tank engine that is now running and ready to be installed The chips and Cerveza venue was changed from Vicky’s to the Davison’s. We could catch-up on everyone’s summer and Deryk does calamari with the chips 😋

Thursday was an unsuccessful attempt at fixing the irrigation pump at Deryck’s, challenge on now.

I couldn’t return to it Friday as I was helping Nadine with wiring at her new extension. It takes a while to get into the mindset of the Spanish guys who had ran cables when building and plastering. Spanish wiring doesn’t use ring circuits as U.K. and has lighting circuits off the sockets circuit. Using the same size cable and indifference to colour coding, not a simple thread to pick up on after wiring spaghetti hangs out of boxes.

The weekend should see any remaining time-lag go. Sleeping in late and watching Netflix into the early hours passes sleeplessness but isn’t helping adjust … But – loving it

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