Toronto farewell, Manchester drop-in en-route to Spain

Checkout time was 11:00, enough time for a lazy start to Sunday with three spins round the buffet breakfast. Other guests were dashing early to catch morning flights, with one group a little panicky. The business team had decided the free shuttle bus wasn’t for them. A limo would collect them near to departure time for the five minute drive to the airport terminal. A smartly dressed driver sought them out in the foyer, then led them to the car he had waiting. Waiting with the keys inside a self locking car. Prising The top of the passenger window to make a gap for a wire coat hanger took 15 mins by maintenance staff, leaving very relieved set of driver/travellers.

The eleven hours until my flight were filled with a UPtrain trip into Downtown Toronto.

The UP refers to the terminals either end of this rail track (Union station – Pearson airport). The service is every 15 minutes for a 25 minute journey.

I strolled the city for seven hours,

Visited the Railway Museum

Passed the ‘Dome’ on my way to look at the CN Tower Union station has a bar for you to sit and count how many trains you can miss when working through the local beersBarstool to train door – a manageable distance.

Twenty five minutes return trip on the UP and clear security for a pair of hours relax in the departure gate, happy that Air Canada were on time at take-off and landing.

In Manchester I had six hours to spend reading the papers and watching the rain before Ryan Air flew me to Spain

My welcoming group had placards and a fast car. Prisci’s smile was a perfect welcome back to Spain, and my chauffeur Nadine made up a hot pair of ladies in arrivals. The apartment was pristine, food ready and table laid – Canada ’18 now a memory…..