Blakey inbound, Cuz @ sea, Electrical Plumber days

My 5’6″ schooldays were shared with a 6’2″ copper to be. My choice of uniform was limited as the minimum height for the police force was 5’8″. Off to sea for me in serge blue rig, while Blakey patrolled Wallasey.

The chap and wife is spending a few weeks touring France and Spain. They are in Toulouse (singing raucously ‘Born To Lose – with a Gallic Ray Charles twang I’m told) and heading to Puerto Mazarrón for the 14th. They’re enjoying the French red en-route, and their staple g&t’s at 🕓

I’m looking forward to a few days with them 🍻🥂🍷🥃

Their home is on the Wirral peninsula, with the River Mersey one side, Celtic Sea ahead and the River Dee the south side. Across the Dee and easily in sight is Lloc where my Cousin Joan lives (in lots of my blogs) who is away on another trip. Joan is sailing the Greek islands for a weekNot many days seperate her outings in her motorhome, cruises, canoe, cycle and now sailing pastimes. She will have enjoyed the Greek beverages for sure. I’m hoping she makes it to Puerto Mazarron soon to continue the World Championship Evans Tennis series.

While waiting for visitors I’m carrying on with the Museum Wednesday’s, the pump refurbishment for Deryk, and the electrical work at Nadine’s. The building extension at Nadine’s has a cracking new bathroom, and I get to apply my plumbing skills to fit the porcelain and shower next week.