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Twenty two electrical sockets, eight light fittings, with a new a distribution board, and halfway through plumbing in a bathroom basin, bidet, shower – enjoying being busy at Casa Loos Helping Nadine is passing a few days before the Wednesday Cartagena Military Museum routine . I’m preparing a timing circuit for the aerial rotation run/pause sequence, using an old mechanical socket timer. I just need to cut a profile onto a metal disc that will attach to the motor and operate the red limit switch 🤞The Museum ‘tea- pot twins’ are trying to look busy as the vogue their “here’s my handle, here’s my spout” stancesI asked Stu how many tea-bags for the “little tea-pots”? An answer came with sign language he seems to use lot for an elder statesman ….

There has been time to breakfast with Margaret and Deryk, who have a visitor from their RAF days, Paul. Deryk’s time as Director of Music in his RAF commission days gave him lots of contact with the fighting machine the tax payer funds – The Royal Airforce Bandsmen.

Paul told WAFU war stories of his time in the Gulf War. My Royal Navy ship sailing into Kuwait and Falklands sinking experience on HMS Sheffield paled to insignificance when compared to the RAF hardship of being housed in a 5 Star hotel 400 miles away from the front line where the Michelin chef prepared breakfast to order. One day he had sand in his trumpet, his fully believed excuse when caught shaking it hard by the chambermaid.

Good to enjoy servicemen’s banter over coffees and learn Paul has settled in a part of the world I know well, North Wales. We’ve both ran marathons, windsurfed and drank a few shandies in out time – great chap.

My apartment is rented from one of Margaret’s daughters, Anne, who Paul knows well from his bandy days in Lincoln. A visit to Casa Cliff and rooftop picture with his music mum was a nice way to end the visitThe lazing Statues reminded me of the Jamaican millionaire who asked the builders of his new home to put them at the top and bottom of the grand staircases and entrance halls. At his inspection he looked at them and said “cool, but where have you put all the ‘s’that you’se’ I want as he cupped his ear and dummy dialled!

I had preparations for my visitors to carry on with. Blakey and Kath were now along the Spanish coast staying with Torrevieja friends. A balcony reception, roof barbecue and bed-making to crack on with

A standby bottle of gin on their nightstand and bolster on the bed with new pillows – all nearly in place (Single Malt, Liquor 43, case of Red, chilled licor de Hierbas and cerveza obviously stocked). After the RAF warriors dits, it will be the career policeman’s defence of the realm tales time, awesome 👏

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