Puerto Mazarrón, La Azohia (new mates) then Cartagena

The Blakemore’s arrived and their Land Rover has a run-out in countryside it was built for. Driving from Puerto to Cartagena we took a track that leads from ‘La Cuesta’, a point 300 metres high, across a ridge for the views. It’s not a wide track and the drops either side were sheer enough to convince Kath that getting out while Blakey turned round was a good move

Over the four days we managed to fit in watching football at Sully’s Bar (a Liverpool 2-1 win over Spurs), stroll the paseo a few times and stop at the Irish Bar The Sunday stroll in Cartagena took in a visit to the Roman Theatre that was built a few years either side of Christ’s walk on the planet 1 BC to 5 AD.

Passing a church in the Main Street we popped-in and digitally lit a candle. The LED candles light in sequence as you drop 20Cents in the coin box, we started a new row of four…….

The Town Hall is a striking building and another photo op obviouslyand the sailor with his kitbag coming ashore from the nearby harbour needed shipmates around him

An evening meal at Mares Bravos which makes the best paella 🥘 and has fantastic sea food is recommended (call ahead to book rice/paella dishes)


evening As we ate we watched the cruise liner head to sea, appearing from behind the cove wall we’d driven round to find this stunning place

Heading back to the apartment we dropped in on Margaret and Deryk to introduce my visitors. We had a warm and alcoholic welcome by the pool

Blakey is a keen and strong swimmer, a U.K. Catholic schoolboy representative and Water Polo player. The sea was a draw for a mornings activity. I’m not much of a swimmer, but the paddle board is fun, so we drove to La Azohia and I tried being a Stand-Up PaddleBoard instructor, with my life jacket on as a doggy paddler should…Blakey gave it a good go and had enough success to want to try another morning, and his falls were spectacular

As I began to deflate the board we had a few questions from a group on the beach. They were interested to know a bit more after watching the unpacking and pumping-up. I cannot remember all their names but I think it was Carol and Roger who had just received pictures from a friend recently moved out to Nova Scotia and on a board. I offered the board for them to try and a little instruction. Carol was a natural, first time on a board and sailed it off nearly into the horizon. We watched Roger do nearly as well, but all said it was great fun wether paddling or tumbling off it into a warm sea.

Their group looked to have a great time as our group had coffee, and they washed it down and re-packed with me to say thanks.

A few good days so far, and great that with Prisci I can host a couple whose home I’ve stayed at many times

Wine from the visits on the way through France that the Blakemore’s had made, while we night-capped the end of the day with a game. Three things Blakey uses a steady hand for, cradling his pint, taking the Costa Calida Jenka world championships seriously