Departures and Arrivals – Murcia

Bolnuevo was the final scenic visit with Blakey and Kath. Their Land Rover Discovery2 took the track behind the wind formed stones on the beach so we could take photos and try out road holding on wet sand and rocks. It’s a visitors tradition to have a picture between the stones. There was a model who struck poses for 10 mins with head throwbacks, skirt lifting and laying down. Blakey matched this easilyMadrid is the destination Tuesday morning for the Blakemore’s. The packing was done Monday evening and the car parked in the apartments underground space. A nightcap of the Jura that Deryk and Margaret had given me was taken. The Ardbeg K&B had brought would be enjoyed another day. No bad heads Tuesday as the Scottish single malt from Islay and Jura are made with such pure water.

Blakey and Prisci said farewell from different altitudes

Tuesday morning was to see comings and goings quite quickly. The Madrid bound couple driving off while I was picking up Valerie and Peter (the Mum and Sun pair going to their home nearby).

Flight due in at 10:00, the clock shows it’s punctual here with Ryan Air at Murcia San Javier…… Crossing the Line in arrivals within minutes.

As I was being contracted as chauffeur to the fun pair, I tried to dress appropriately A good driver considers his passengers creature comforts, and knowing my passengers I prepared the coolbox with a chilled beer for Peter and Vino Tinto for the lovely ValerieSafely delivered to their home, I was meeting Stu next for the re-build of an ornamental patio wall around three large palm trees on the swimming pool deck at the Davison’s.

The wall build is going well with the first course of blocks laid, reinforcing rods being set into the structure and a lunch of chips, sausages, croquettes and Cerveza at drawing of stumps.

The storms that had happened overnight had made Stu’s short trip to the Davison’s interesting. The dry river beds used as roads for these ‘houses in the sticks’ take a battering from the gushing water from the surrounding mountains The Rambla to Nadine’s is impassable for my Volvo C30, so jobs are waiting for completion until the tracks are raked by tractor.

The Military Museum work didn’t go to plan, so Wednesday was a little frustrating. We discussed the plan to modify the aerial rotation equipment to a run 3 mins, stop 2 mins, at Vicky’s over chips and Cerveza.

I was going to ask Stu why Lottery funding was involved in Age Concern as a bit of banter. I took a pic to highlight the shirt, but we agreed the picture wasn’t kind to him and I promised not to put it in the blog

Oops, lo siento mi amigo 🤷🏻‍♂️

Alls well in Puerto, the Blakemore’s are nearly home in Birkenhead, time for Americano, Tostadas y Tomate