La Azohia SUP’ing, Las Pallas Hunting, before Hitting The Wall at Los Ambreros

Stand-Up Paddle boarding at the lovely bay of La Azohia to give Peter a try out of the Inflatable board, attracted a few other beach bums in the late afternoon sun. The demonstration of ‘board balance achieved’ by Peter attracted wannabe boarders to ask for a few minutes on itA Spanish family on holiday loved the boards portability after watching it being inflated from the backpack. Manuel mastered the technique quickly (but was soon outshone by his wife) and took his five year old for a cruise The few minutes try-out was getting into 15 when Mrs Manuel decided her turn was due… off you get Manual It was yet another group who asked for more info as they were desperate to buy one. Easy fun for the beach and a challenge if you want to sail more or try handstand/yoga on it.

Peter was returning to U.K. after settling in his mother, Valerie, and Uncle Ron. They asked Prisco and I to join them for a BBQ before taking Peter to the airport

The Sunday event was a car Treasure Trail. Margaret and Deryk organised the day for a Humorist Society. All met at La Proa Cafe/Bar/Restaurant and collected sheets of clues and an envelope. If you didn’t make the end (a 14:00 lunch in a distant restaurant) in good time you were to open the envelope for directions. Good instructions and over 120 clues to solve made it a brilliant three hours on the road The lunch at La Gran Ventica in Las Palas was superb. Out of the dozen teams of three or four people per car the scoring showed our team to be second …. to last🤷🏻‍♂️The after-dinner speeches by the Humorists were more Dave Allen type than I’d expected? A sort of “Goodnight, May your God Go With You ….. if there is one”.

Deryk had a Monday job of organising his troops to remove a wall that was failing to contain four palm trees, building a new one further out that allowed roots to grow without pushing the wall over. we were to erect the new courses of blockwork before demolishing the old blocks

We worked fast in the early morning as the smell of bacon butties being prepared wafted around us, with Stu ‘giving it both barrows’as our pace slowed in the 35 Degs heat, Deryk lifted moral with a demonstration of RAF Bandsman marching while singing their theme tune ‘Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines’

The wall is looking good, and the follow-up Spagbol and lemonade enjoyed while appraising our workDeryk will tile over the blocks and fit caping stones.

The next project for me is the gearbox on an All Terrain Vehicle, one I’ve driven in the past. I’ll enjoy the test drive if I sort the ‘clunking’ out

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